Multi Master Project Sending/Updating

Chris Litwin 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated 6 years ago 3

We have designed a multi master system using an MD4 address 0, and an MC43 address 1. We are having difficulties sending the project. We receive a no handshake MC43 error. Two systems in a row we have had to disconnect the MC43 and program the MD4 as an incomplete system, then we connect the MC43 to the system and send the whole project. There is a possibility that one or both modules in the systems have a previous project installed and not necessarily matching projects. Could having mismatched projects or lack of projects installed be causing this? Would it be good practice to program the head master first in all instances, and then resend the whole project after?

Hello Chris.

Do you have any idea of what version of the software that was loaded in the MD4 when you started?

Were they new out of box? if so do you have the serial number of the units?

You should not need to update the units individually when they are new.

You do however get a no handshake message if you have to old version (3,19) loaded in the MD4 and try to send.

Then you need to update the MD4 first.

The second set may have had an old version in the MD4. The first set should have been brand new, but I can't verify. That set has also left already so I can't get the S/N. I will get more info on the next go around and update. 

We've done a few now without any issues, I'm guessing there was something else going on. 

Thank you.