Ethernet Multimaster - Application Flash Inconsistency

Nick Pridham 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 2

IQAN Design 5.03

I am working in a project with MC43 FS and MD4. I am finding flashing over ethernet very inconsistent. The inconsistency seems to occur with the flashing of the second module over the diagnostic bus. In other words flashing of HW module to which I am physically connected over ethernet always seems to complete but the process fails during master to master flashing of the secondary master module.  I had to flash the modules individually to get them to work.  

The work around for this is to flash over CAN via the diagnostics bus and this has proved very reliable.  This is not a long term fix however as the when the application file grows, the flash time over CAN flashing can take a long time. I  hope the IQAN team can make some suggestions to support getting multi master flashing over ethernet a little more reliable.

Hello Nick.

Do the download work after you have updated both of the units or does it always fail?

Want some more information to try this myself.

This is on brand new units i assume.

Are you using a MD4-10 or 7?

What unit is the Ethernet connected to?

In general, the best way to send an update over Ethernet in an MD4 +MC43 system is to use the Ethernet on the MD4. This is because the MD4 files tend to be much larger, it is best to use the faster Ethernet for this instead of routing via CAN. 

If you are running into problems when sending an update via the MD4 Ethernet to the MC43, I would first of all suspect the physical installation on this CAN bus. Figure out the cable lengths, locations of the terminations, any drop-lines and so forth.