Change parameter on CAN Open device

Kevin 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by techsupport@posi-plus com 5 years ago 1

We have an MD4 connected to a CAN Open angle sensor. Normally we change SDO objects in the directory using a CAN tool (for resolution, heartbeats etc). 

Ideally we wanted the MD4 to configure these parameters instead of using the handheld programmer, does anyone have experience of this, or perhaps can suggest a way of changing the parameter below from 1d to 1000d?

Image 1372


Hi Kevin,

Here is how you should configure your message in the IQAN to send the SDO messages :

Identifier : Usually is 0x600+Node ID

Data Length : 8 Bytes

Define your sending method and transmit rate if required

Set the unused bits to 0

And then you should integrate parameters for the data bytes in your message as follows

Byte 1 : Write in Object Dictionnary Code (Usually 0x22 but you should check in the manufacturer's documentation)

Byte 2-3 : Index (0x6000)

Byte 4 : Sub-Index  (0x00)

Byte 5-8 : Value for the parameter (1000d)