IQANdesign 5.04 released

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New features and updates

Zoom tool

It is now possible to zoom in IQANdesign system layout, module view and function group view. The zoom buttons are on the toolbar,  it is also possible to use ctrl+mouse wheel.

Image 1396

Multi master telmatics

Signals sent to the cloud server via the GT telematics gateway can now be taken from any master in a multi-master system

Image 1397

Integration with version control tools

When a version control tool is used for storing IQANdesign project files, the Diff functions in such tools can now be used, by calling the IQANdesign file compare with a command line argument.

For comparison using the IQANdesign project file compare:

IQANdesign.exe ProjectFile1.idax -diff ProjectFile2.idax

As an example, this how it may look in one tool:

Image 1398Example of IQAN file diff from the version management tool Surround SCM

This will launch the IQANdesing file compare function:

Image 1399Example of IQANdesign file compare

Another approach is to use an external diff viewer for file comparison, for this solution it is useful to convert the project file to text format:
IQANdesign.exe ProjectFile.idax -saveas ProjectFile.txt

The file compare and save as text currently works with IQANdesign project files, *.idax and stripped project files,  *.idsx.

Link to IQAN store for expired license
IQANdesign 5.04 requires a valid subscription license to be installed. When an existing Creative Studio license or an IQANdesign license older than one year is entered, the setup program provides a link to IQAN store to upgrade the license. 

Image 1400

During the introduction period (ending 1'st of July 2019) for the new license IQANdesign licensing, the first renewal year on old licenses is free. Follow the link to IQAN store for details.

For more details on what's new, see release notes:




This is FANTASTIC!!!! This will surely improve the flow of developing software with IQANdesign.

Thanks for this update.

”When an existing Creative Studio license or an IQANdesign license older than one year is entered, the setup program provides a link to IQAN store to upgrade the license. ” 

-Does this mean that after this update, your license is only one year in active? After that renew it if you want to use program? :O


After one year, you will need to renew your subscription if you want to continue update your IQAN design software.  You can still continue to use the last version installed, should you choose not to renew.

Ok, My previous experiences from expired license (not iqan) are that program stops working..

My previous license is not working. It is saying Failed to verify your license.

I found an issue with an expired certificate on the store. Could you please give it another try?

I also have this, Failed to verify your license, issue.


Solved, somehow the function is being blocked by or firewall. Using a different internet connection solved the problem.


The store has now been upgraded so it should work also for those with stricter firewall rules. It might require a reload of the upgrade page before continuing.

I went to that page and upgraded and got the email 

"your subscription to "IQANdesign update subscription" was successfully activated."

however it will still not upgrade.

IQAN Run and Simulator 1.x licenses are not working

It is only the IQANdesign 1.x and Creative Studio licenses that needs to be upgraded. 

The new IQANdesign 5 subscription license you get is for IQANdesign 5, and also works in Creative Studio 2, 3 and 4. 

IQANrun 1.x licenses works in IQANrun 5. 

Studio licenses (from versions 2-4) works as license for IQANrun 5

So when you have an old IQANrun 1.x or IQAN Creative Studio license, it is a good idea to hold on to this as these works as IQANrun 5 licenes. 

IQANsimulate 1.x licenses are only needed for the old 1.x simulator. 


Going to a Subscription model is fair as you do a good job developing this product and I do not mind supporting the effort.  However, with the old license, I could install it on my two machines: one for development in the office and one I use in the field.  The rule being that only of the one being active being enforced by cross checking license number on the net.

The new model apparently will not allow that.  This is s shame.

Now that I have installed 5.04 on the wrong machine, how do I transfer the license?  Can I unsubscribe?

Hi Jean-Marc. It should be possible to install on your other computer as well. The trick here is to not go via the store and validate your previous licence key on your other computer. Instead you take the new subscription licence that you received in your email and enter it when running the setup file. You find the set up files here: https://www.iqan.se/store/downloads.html

I have the same issue as Jean-Marc. That is a desktop machine for development, and a laptop for outdoor use. Does this mean I will now need two subscriptions with 5.04 to do the same thing as one license on 5.03?


Hi David, you should be able to continue work as before with only one subscription. See my answer to Jean-Marc, I hope this solves your problem.


Thanks Johan

It works. Great!!!

Had to overcome the fear of answering "No" when asked to go to the store after being told the existing license is to old.  The assumption being that answering No will trigger a call from the NSA:)


Had a go at upgrading but my Creative studio licence, just comes back with Invalid coupon code when I enter it. The code is definitely correct.

What am I doing wrong?

The zoom does not work in application logic for me. Stuck in a very zoomed out way. Running 6.08