Measure & Adjust Groups - Appearance Customisation - MD4

Nick Pridham 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 4
I had a Human Factors change request on a project: The request relates to viewing lists of measure and adjust values on the MD4 screen.

  1. Theme choices: Example alternative lines show white text black background then black text with white background as a way of making long lists more readable.
  2. Font size and colour

Hi Nick,

For the font, what you can do today is to change the font in the language settings. (not sure the example I show here makes it more readable though.. )

Changing this font property affects the entire project file, both menu system and display pages.

For the font size and theme colors, the properties for this currently only affect the display pages, and not the built-in menu system.

This may help sometimes Gustav but it is not really what my customer wanted. The readability of the display layout shown could be improved alot if it had things like:

Alternative line colours
Table display
Underlining - dotted or solid lines
Page up/down control

I am sure the graphics guys, if let loose on this, could come up with good ideas.
Along those line could we also have a state picker object in the adjust groups with a display similar to the Digital parameter adjust object. This is more for the MD3 type hardware where making drop down choices is almost impossible.
Specifically I have a machine with 3 possible operator selectable states: OFF, ON, Auto. Our system may have 4 to 5 of those items.
I can with the current objects create pages and logic to manage the thing but it is very awkward and adds a lot to an application already very full when it seems that it would be so easy to use the already existing labels from the sate machine.