Auto-save measure files in IQANrun

Jan Gillesen 9 years ago in IQANrun updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 5
We sometimes lose our measure data when accidentally navigating to an adjust group or another page directly after doing measurements. An auto-save function, or a pop-up when stopping a measurement would be very helpful.

It would also be useful to add more metadata to a file, for instance Machine ID, software version, time stamp or certain machine settings. 
Satisfaction mark by Jan Gillesen 7 years ago
Good idea. As you probably already know, we ask if you want to save when you click the Done button. But, if you instead just click one of the other buttons on the left tool bar, e.g. Adjust, there is no warning and the measured data is lost. I've added your request to improve this feature.

Metadata is added to the measure file, e.g. project name/id, time stamp, etc. If you save your measure as Excel, you can see the metadata at the top.

It is also possible to see some metadata by right-clicking an irm3 file and select Properties and then go to tab File info.

Unfortunately I found that there is currently a bug that does not add machine ID to the metadata for multi master systems. We'll fix that in 3.16. I've also added your request for software version, it is currently not added to the Excel file, only the irm3 file.

If you want to add more metadata, that is possible by using the Comment button.

This button opens a dialog where you can enter a text that will be saved along with the measure data, both in the irm3 and Excel file formats.

One improvement could be to show the metadata that will be added automatically (project name, machine ID, etc) in this dialog box.
Thanks for this! It would be a big help.

We often times want to measure, save, adjust. and start measuring again. This would save quite some time. 

I did not know we could find metadata in the properties, this could be useful for us. But we do have a multi-master system. 

The bug with machine ID not being added when measuring multi-master systems has been fixed in IQANrun 3.16 ( planned for release in a couple of weeks).

It would be really helpful to be able to continue recording the measure group in the back ground while you change an adjust group so you can capture what happens when things are adjusted. That way you could use adjust groups to "simulate" things actually on a machine. A message could come up if you click off the measure group that has two buttons one to continue to record in the background and one to stop and save the recording.