Default values in multi state function parameters

mgoutier 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 8

I am working on a program that is for multiple machines with multiple different default values. We currently use a FP with a run mode that has multiple states to create default values for each state. The issue I have is where each machine has different defaults I have to duplicate this for each machine. 

It would be nice if the Default Values could be dynamically changed. I have a few different workarounds, but this seems like a simple request that I am sure others have run into?

Do you mean different default values on the FP for different machines? That would be a perfect use of the Factory defaults

During the end of-line test for each machine, you can adjust the FP in the different modes and set this as Factory default. 

To avoid having to do this manually, you cold use IQANscript to script the set adjust item and set factory default actions. 


It took me a minute but I found where you are.. (IQAN RUN), I do not have "Factory Default" as an option though. And I am signed into the program as superuser.

Function parameter channels always have a factory default, all channels listed as  "Adjustable channel types" in the Adjust groups chapter in the user manual have this. 

If you don't see factory default, it is probably because you are looking at a channel listed under  "Stored channel types". 

(I know, the names of these two categories are kind of confusing) 

If you are looking at the State Parameter, that is a a channel that does not have factory default. 



I created a new project file, added a new function parameter (tried integer and real) added it to adjust items and still nothing shows up for "factory defaults". What am I missing? Attached is the test project file. 

The Factory default values are not in the application, they are in the master module. 
To view factory defaults, you use the Get and view button in IQANrun 
(aternatively, you can get a clone file and view it)

To set the factory defaults, you can ether use an adjust group (the attached project file only has adjust items but no adjust group), or use IQANscript to set it.

with adjust groupsGustav,

I used to think I was quite strong in IQAN but I am feeling dumb as nails right now. To be fair I don't use Run that often so I am hoping that this is where my disconnect is. I have created at adjust group and added the same parameters in them and I still can not see "Factory Default" as an option. Do I have to be online with a controller? Any insight would be much appreciated. 

The factory default values are set in the master module, so you have to be connected to the controller to set factory defaults. 

The normal procedure for a machine at the end of the production line is: 

  • First use the normal online-adjust to set the value. This can be done via the master display or via IQANrun.
  • Then, use IQANrun to set the factory default, this copies the adjusted value to factory defaults. 

This image shows where you find it in the IQANrun adjust menu: 

In IQANrun, the shorter name "Default" is used for the Factory default values. This may be the reason for the confusion.

If you wish to automate this, you would create a script with the IQANscript actions Set parameter and Set factory defaults. In IQANscript it would look something like this: 


 Marking this one as 'completed', since the feature for Factory defaults already exists.