Change MD3 address from 0 to 3

Kevin 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 5

I have 2 x MD3's that previously had been used separately on different machines with an application that had the displays configured as address 0. I now wish to connect them to the same diagnostic bus and install new application software with one as address 0 and the other as address 3. I seem unable to change either of the displays from address 0 to 3. I have the correct ID tags inserted, tried safe mode, tried unplugging one of the displays, tried changing the display (just in case it was faulty), the resistance of the ID tags are correct. Still cant work it out, can anyone help?!

Image 1417

If i unplug one of the displays i can send an application that has a single display configured as address 3, but even with address 3 tag inserted in the rear of the screen it comes up with wrong ID tag on the display. Appears to be the same in IQAN design 3, 4, & 5.

We've had issues with multi-master projects where the masters have been assigned different addresses before. The way around it for us was to send the multi-master project, with the addresses you want, to only the headmaster first with the second master disconnected. Then connect the second and resend the same project to them both. 

Thanks for the reply.  

I tried sending to one or the other first but the software intended for 0 goes into whichever one i have connected at the time, despite me having an ID tag number 3 in one of the modules, and 0 in the other. The computer still sees both displays as 0 when downloading and the application intended for the module with address 0 goes into the display with ID tag 3 then on boot up after its downloaded it says wrong ID tag inserted! Its impossible to get it to configure as 3, the only way around it is to have both addressed as 0 and build separate applications, then send them separately on different busses. Is this a bug or am i missing something obvious?!

Hi.  I've been using MD3's for a long time, starting around 2007.  I had addressing issues at one point trying to re-purpose one from an old project.  I'm not sure this is applicable but thought it could be.   My Parker rep did some checking and the answer supplied is that " Any MD3's made before March 2012 are not addressable.  We did not add addressing capabilities to the module until then.  You should not need an address tag with this module as it was made before that date."

Interesting, thanks for the information, it would explain why i'm having issues, perhaps multi master wasn't around until 2012. 

The units i have here i believe were manufactured before 2012, can an IQAN rep confirm this is the reason why i'm having issues, display serial numbers 911230006 and 907230040?


Kevin, the serial numbers you have are 

2009 calendar week 11 and 

2009 calendar week 07

This is before the MD3 was upgraded to support IdTags, the change was implemented 21st of May 2012 

(delayed from the original plan that was march)