Date in Memorizing Channel in 5.04

Jared Bird - AA 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated 6 years ago 2

When I updated to IQAN 5.04, I four new errors that popped up that seemed to be related to the fact that it can't use a date data type in the memorizing channel.  This exact same program works in IQAN 5.03.

Image 1418

Was your MEM channel by any chance using a channel from an external function with channel scope set to public? 

From 5.04, public scope in external functions is limited to be used within the external function.  see release notes case 

  47445Limit channel scope in external functions
 Channels with public scope in external functions are no longer available outside the external function. To expose channels outside the external function, function group output must be used.

Yes, this did seem to fix the problem.  Thanks for your help.  However, I think this was a big design mistake for IQAN and I really can't see how this would make sense to classify as a bug fix.  We now have to rewrite all of our external functions without any warning that this change was coming.  Please reconsider this decision to make this change to IQAN.