Keep settings when converting from 2.63 to 5.04 version

C. Drouaud 6 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 4


I have machine running in 2.63 version. I want to update them with a program (very similar to the one in 2.63 - same parameters) in 5.04. Big update !

How can I memorize all the settings from the machine in 2.63 to get them back in the 5.04 version of the program ?

The only solution I found was to check in the 2.63 version every settings to see if they are different from the default value and if so, change them manually after the upgrade in 5.04. It should work but it is not easy and takes a long time (50+ parameters). 

Do you have an idea of how I could do this ? I try to Get settings in 2.63 IQANrun but they are not read in IQANrun 5.04...

Thanks in advance for your help !


Could you get the original 2.63 version, open it in IQANdesign 4, fix any errors that pop up, then open/save it in IQANdesign 5, load it back on to your machine, and then update to the new version? As long as the project number and adjustable parameter names are the same, it should work.


This operation should be done by the customer, so I can not ask them to install a software only for that... I found a way with IQANscript : 

- I did a script in 2.63 to get all settings in the same time to save them in a html or xml file. It is faster and easier to read. 

- I did a second script in 5.04 to set all the parameters manually, with access to all parameters (some of them are reserved to manufacturer). 

It still have some manual work to do, but it should be acceptable for our customer. 

Thanks for the tip anyway :)

As David wrote, the updating of the project file has to be done via IQANdesign 4 (or IQANdesign 3), IQANdesign 5 cannot open the 2.x file straight away. 

As long as the project ID and component ID :s and number of modes on individual channels have stayed the same, settings will be upgraded automatically. (feature introduced in IQANrun 3.11, the exception is IQAN-MC3 applications)

Since the guys in the field cannot be expected to have IQANdesign, there is however a hurdle. 

IQANrun versions 3 and 4 was able to perform the Send project operation directly to a master with version 2. 

IQANrun 5.04 is however unable to make the upgrade directly from a system with 2.x. 

The normal application update with automatic import of settings from 2.x will therefore have to be done in two steps. 

The IQANrun user in the field must be provided with two files. 

One file is the version 4 project file (.ida4 ), in the field IQANrun 4 is used for sending this. 

The other file is the version 5 project file (.idax), in the field IQANrun 5 is used for sending this.  

My previous explanation of an extra step for field update was unnecessarily complex. After some more checking, I realized that IQANrun 5.02 - 5.04 shows an unnecessary "Target system not compatible" dialog dialog at the beginning of the Send project operation, but the field update directly from 2.x to 5.x works anyway.