re-introduce colors in tool bar

Rob 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 8


Since V5.0x the Lay-out is changed, like Windows-10, without any color, in my opinion it's not better!, please change it to the older version (see attachments)

 Iqan 5.png

Image 1601

Iqan 4.png

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I agree with this!
For example: Monitor and simulate is to similar, clicked the wrong one several times resulting in bad language (swearing)-
changed title of this Idea-post to make it easier for people to see what it is about.


Personally is V.4.x better than V5.x, 

System lay-out: I miss the the character A...Z (Hardware module)

Application logic: the new symbols are not more help full as the old one, the selected item is barely  seen, (only the borderline, instead the whole channel)

It's more a make over than a really new version!

So I deside to work with V4.x again.




I would really agree that the Tool bar of V5.x is very confusing.  Color or not, is not my major problem.  The fact that the Run button very much look likes the Measure button has and still is the source of a lots of swearing on my part. Likewise the Send/Get button visual is very close to the Forward/backward buttons and I have to wait to see the hint in order to remember which one is which.


I agree. I've pressed simulate button to many times when I ment to measure. I'm working on quite large applications so it takes almost 2min before simulator is running and I can close it down. Either move it, or add confirm button or cancel button. I've spoken too many bad words after pressing the wrong button. 

Under review

I have got to admit that I too have pressed simulate instead of measure several times in version 5, especially while sitting at the desk and using the mouse.

When working on the laptop with a touchpad, I tend to prefer the shortcut keys instead and thus avoid the mistake. F9 for simulation and F7 for measure. 

For send project I almost always use the F11 shortcut. 

While we are on discussing layout and new "features", is it possible to have back the "add signals" bar under the task bar back instead of the "add +" button? It is less efficient in my opinion since you have to click it for every new items you need and if you pin it to save time, it disappears once you change page.  I'm not sure this has been discussed in another thread yet.


We discussed this one some time ago, but I then forgot to update the post. 

Seems like most people (myself included) have gotten used to the version 5 and 6 toolbar.