Same license for IQANrun2 and IQANrun 5 ?

C. Drouaud 5 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 7


Some of our technician customers will have to install IQANrun 5 in addtion to IQANrun 2 used until now. 

It is not clear for me on what will happen about the license.

Can they use the same license number as the one they have for IQANrun 2 ? Will they have to update the license for free ? 

Or is it needed to buy another license (I hope not !) ? 

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IQANrun can be updated from 2 to 5 without any fee. 

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Johan Lidén

Same question.... revesed,

We just purchased a license for IQANrun5 (seemed to be the only one) 

I have just attempted to plug into the system and get a warning "System too old, install IQAN run2"

Where do I obtain that download?

If you want to update the system with a IQAN 5 project, you should be able to update the system with IQANrun 5, even if it is under IQAN 2. If you have this erre message, just click on No to stay on IQANrun 5 and send the project.

That's interesting, the showing of this "Target system not compatible" dialog when performing Send project to 2.x is probably a mistake we made in IQANrun 5.02. 

Switching over to IQANrun 2 should only be necessary for the online operations, like measure and adjust.

The easiest way to get IQANrun 2 is to tick the box when installing IQANrun 5. 

Alternatively, it is possible to download the IQAN Active Studio 2.63 (IQANrun 2.63 + IQANsimulate 2.63)

Your new IQANrun license will work with the IQAN Active Studio setup files. 


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I have a mechanic trying to find the download for IQUANrun 5. Where does he find this for purchase?