remote connection message on MD4

Frank GUO 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Anders Båth 8 years ago 7

Is it possible to have the 'remote connection acceptance' message turned on or off? I am connecting to a MD4 remotely using network. Every time, it will ask to accept the remote connection. Would like to see if that message can be turned on or off somewhere.

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There is a property for "allow remote connection" on the G2 modem. Is that the method of connection you are using?

Hi Gustav,

I am not using the G2 but Ethernet port. I am assuming as the IP addresses are with different subnet, that is why asking me for allowing remote connection.



Ah, then I see. The connection via a static IP address is also considered a remote connection, and will by default show the dialog to the operator asking for confirmation on the connection, and confirmation on remote stop.

We will have a set of properties that covers remote connections via ethernet in version 4.00.

Great, when would 4.00 be released?


4.00 is planned for release in December.

Has this been added in 4.00?

Yes, it is located under the security node of the project manager. Select "Always" for the property "Connectivity > Allow remote connection" and "Connectivity > Allow remote stop" to disable the confirmation dialogs.

These dialogs does not show when connecting to modules that are automatically discovered on Ethernet, i.e. modules on the local network. They only show when connecting to a module where you have to type the IP address. Normally this is only required for modules that are not on the local network.