GT Modem/ G3 Modem Question

Nick Pridham 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by neil jessel 5 years ago 3

IQAN Design 5.04

I have an application file which I have prepared for Telematics using the new Telematics Functionality in "Diagnostics"

-I want to fit a G3 modem. A permanent connection is required and GT is not avail just yet.

-The application file check generates an error if a G3 and GT gateway module is added. - (Too Many Modules Of The Same Type)

The application file check generates an error if a just a G3 gateway module is added.(Missing Gateway Module with Telematics Support)

Can the IQAN team suggest a work around ?  I would like to leave the Telematics message config dormant until GT gets up and running. Can a change be made to IQAN Design so that GT and G3 can live in the same application file for the time being.

BTW - I have tried playing around with the "Enabled" property for both Gateway Modules and the error is still flagged by the application file check.


As you found out, you cannot have G3 and GT in the same project file. (you can mix either of them with a G11 gateway)

We currently have two modems versions that implement the GT protocols for IQANconnect and Parker Telematics, there is some more info on these here

Contact your Parker sales representative to check if you can sign a deal to purchase a few of these for your prototypes. 

We are still in an introduction phase for the GT modems, and setting up the modems does still require some work by the team that works on this. This means that you may not be able to purchase GT modems just yet, in that case the solution will have to be to stick with the IQAN-G3 for the moment being. 

Hi Gustav,

Happy to use the G3 and wait for the GT. This is not an issue.

I have developed alot of Telematics code in 5.04 in preparation for GT.  As soon I delete the GT and add the G3 to the application file then the application file check develops an error. It seems that you cannot develop a Telematics config without having a GT present in the system. This is the work around request/bug report.

Look forward to your support..


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your interest in the Parker Modem. I work in the US on the team deploying the GT modems.

A team member from the UK support team will be reaching out to you directly to follow up.