Adjust initial brightness using IQANRun

J C. Crow 6 years ago in IQANrun updated by Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago 3

I would like to have a higher default value for brightness. We could change when loading the program using IQAN run, but this is not an adjustable item. I could use the backlight override parameter, but then I would have to create another adjust group to change it rather than using the standard menu system. Is there a way to adjust through IQANRun or change the default value?


To change backlight from IQANrun instead of the display menu system, the adjustment via a channel for backlight control you mention is the method that currently exists. 

I can change the topic from question to feature idea. 

Would it be possible to change the default settings for screen saver and dimmed light in the application so it gets set on all new systems?