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Unable to get machine logs from MC43

Kevin 6 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 3

We have a multi master system with 1 x MD4, 3 x MC43 fitted to two identical machines. All 4 modules have multiple logs inside, we are able to get logs from all modules, however two logs on one of the MC43's only will refuse to download when using IQAN Run. Running Iqan Design 5.03. The logs are visible, and it displays how many logs are inside, however when double clicking to show the logs we get a blank white screen while its trying to populate the logs on screen then it times out after around 20 seconds with a message box saying no response from the controller. The controller remains active, no error flashes.

The controllers are not overloaded, and we are talking only a couple hundred logs inside each log, not thousands and thousands. Is there any known reasons why this could be happening? Its the same for both machines we have, so something common between the two...

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How are you connected to the system? 

Is it IQANrun for PC connected on the Ethernet port of the MD4? 

In that case, is the Diagnostic bus shared with other traffic? You could get a rough idea of the CAN bus utilization on the diagnostics bus by measuring in the system layout. 

We connect using NI USB 8473 CAN direct onto the diagnostics bug using IQAN Run for PC. This bus is not shared, we are not transmitting data or anything else, just connecting all modules for diagnostic traffic.

Unfortunately the machine is not with us right now, so will measure utilisation next time. I dont think it is a utilisation fault however because other logs in the same module appear to behave fine. The problematic log can be viewed in IQAN Run for PC, can be deleted but not downloaded as a log file. Its not the largest log file in the module either.