Simulink --> C-Code --> IQAN MD4 Display

Fero Freitag 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Andy Burky 7 months ago 4

We have created a software model in Simulink and Stateflow. For developing the prototype we have a CAN interface used. Thus, we could create a complex algorithm. By code generator we have created from the algorithm C code. Now to the question: Is it possible to C code to be loaded on the display MD4?


No, C code cannot be included in an MD4 project file, the functionality for the MD4 will need to be developed using the building blocks in IQANdesign.


Do you know if there a way now to do this ? 

No, the MD4 does not have any free core to run the simulink model on.

The MC4x have three MCU cores and is dedicating one of them to run the simulink model on.

I would love to see this someday. Is there any chance you might implement this at some point?