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We are making a measuring report with help of excel of our machines by using a measuring file. Almos every time when Iqan has an update from design 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 the top of the excelfile will change. By doing that we have problems with our report what is regenerating automatically. But also the properties are not constant.

We would like to have the project and the version in the properties of the excel file.

Image 1485

Image 1486

We expect in software version the version mentioned in the properties of the project. Not the version of iqan. By the way: it does not work to set 4.07 version in this cell

Is it possible to add the project version in the cell of excel. I thought that run 2 had this.

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The project version is amended to the project name, at least in 4.07 and newer, while IQANrun 3.19 does not have this.  I'd need to check in more detail to see exactly when this was added. 

I am a bit surprised the software version shows 0.00 in your spreadsheet. 

This should be the IQAN software version running in the Master module. 

The format of the excel file seems to indicate you are using IQANrun 3.16 or higher (checking the history that was when machine ID and IQAN master module software version was added)  

Could it be that your measure file is from measuring on a system with a lower 3.x version than 3.16?  

Checked the history, it was with IQANrun 4.02 that project version was added to the measure metadata. 

Hello Gustav, Thank for your answers. 

I tried to do the measurement over again but I have no clue how I get the 0.00 in the software version. I thought that I used iqan simulate 4.07 and Iqan run using simulate. But today that went well. 

I checked over aqain two versions, version 4.07 and 5.04, both are OKE. 

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