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In our company we use many times the same code in one application, and in differents target (MD3 and MD4)
for example we receive can bus data from two similar targets, then we do the same transformations for both on the data. Or we do the exact same task on a MD4 and a MD3.
That mean that we have 2 times the same code. We made a function group that we can copy but if we update one we have to update the other. And it is not that easy if the code is complicate.

It would be great to be able to make a kind on "User Function Group Lib", where we can define a function group with inputs and outputs that can be used in the application. Editing the function group in the lib would then update it every where.

Then the ability to export/import this lib to an other project would allow to be sure to have the same code on two different project.

I know that it is a big job but it would be such a great improvement.

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Thanks Axel, interesting input.

We have a similar feature request that we would like to implement. It is about being able to "call" a function group from multiple places in an application or even a project, similar to how sub-routines work in other programming languages. This would allow you to update your function in one place only.

I've added your request on being able to share these function groups between projects.
What you describe is what I mean, just having all of them in a libraries would be great too.

I am impatient to have this feature implemented it would make my life so much easier, you can't imagine!!

Very good idea! I have same problem.. Same application code but customer may have MD3 or MD4 (with different screen sizes) master module. Looking forward your updates :)
I fully concur with Axel, One of the Biggest difficulty we have in maintaining our code is to insure that the implementation s correct. Since in the current implementation each module is his own identity, any modification needs to be duplicated on each instance of the module for each project.
This currently is the most important reason why we are limiting the use of IQAN software in our application. Maintanability is very difficult.

In IQANdesign 5 we're working on a feature that will make it possible to keep parts of a project file in separate external files. This enables multiple developers to work on the same project simultaneously. The project file will keep copies of the content of all external files, so you will still only need one file when you're updating your machines - an important IQAN philosophy.

The same feature can be used to share functions between different projects, and allows you to do updates and bug fixes in one place only.

Good news Ulrik. Looking forward to 5.


Check out the new feature External functions in IQANdesign 5. It solves the problem with sharing code between different projects.


This is one of the Best Functionality added to Iqan.  Such a time saver. Thanks you.