Test connection to system before project check

Kevin 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jonas Bengtsson 5 years ago 3

Sometimes (due to our own fault) we forget to check the system is either connected to the computer properly or ignition is switched on. Our projects typically take a good 5-10s to check, then when clicking send it errors saying system not connected, forcing us to re-select send project and go through the project check again. It does not sound like much time, but can sometimes be frustrating waiting for it top check again.

Is there a way of alerting you (after selecting send command) that the system is not connected so it doesn't close project check and force you to have to resend, then check the project again? Just an idea, other people may also find this useful.

IQAN Design 5.03.


I can admit that I too have made the mistake, several times..

One variation on this idea might be that we introduce a retry button on the dialog that says Communication interface error. 

A retry button sounds good, as long as you don't have to run the project check that should speed things up.

5-10 seconds project check is fast! We usually have from pressing Send Project to it starts sending it to the MD4 a couple of minutes. And we using fast I7 CPUs. What I would like is an abort button when IQANDesign is doing the Project check and also knowing that nothing changed so it doesn't need to run another Project Check. And also run it over multiple CPU cores if that can speed things up.

Very frustrating to wait when I see a small mistake after I pressed Send.