Outputs disabled on XC10 when running IQAN Design 3.15

Kevin 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 8
The system we are running is 1 x MD3, 1 x MC3 and 1 x XC10 connected to MC3 as an expansion. We have had no issues with IQAN Design 3.14, but after updating to version 3.15 we are experiencing 'disabled' outputs on the XC10 module. This causes the outputs to remain permanently low.

I have inserted 3.14 back into the machine and the problem goes away. By using IQAN design 3.15 the issue comes back. The program for 3.14 and 3.15 is identical.

What I have found is that by applying a delay on the output it cures the issue when running on 3.15. This delay has to be within the master module as an IDC rather than a delay directly on the output of the module (in the settings on the output function) otherwise the fault still comes up.

The firmware version on the XC10 module is 1.05. We had this issue a while back when the XC10 modules were running 1.03 and we, but adding a module enable delay seemed to cure the issue. The last few machines have been fine when running IQAN Design 3.14 and XC10 firmware 1.05.

This makes IQAN Design 3.15 non functional at the moment as we use XC10 modules on a regular basis. Any ideas as to a solution please?

XC10 module running IQAN Design 3.14 software

XC10 module running IQAN Design 3.14 software

XC10 module running IQAN Design 3.15 software

XC10 module running IQAN Design 3.15 software

Is there any more news on this please?
I have been able to reproduce the problem with 3.15 on the bench. 
What has happened with IQANdesign version 3.15 is that an XC10 that uses the module enable property gets status Disabled on the DOUT:s. This status remains on individual DOUT:s, even when the XC10 is enabled. 

The disabled status on the individual DOUT:s gets cleared by re-activating the DOUT (changing the input on the DOUT from false to true)
This bug might have been introduced as a consequence of preparing the version 3.15 for DOUT diangostics on the XC10. (requires a new FW version of XC10 that is not yet released). We will have to investigate.

I believe that you have used a module enable on the XC10 to handle another already know problem, that with quick restarting of the system,the MD3 powers up before the XC10 is ready?

A workaround for the moment could be to block the inputs to the DOUT when the XC10 is not enabled. The deactivated DOUT:s will still show the disabled status until activated, but if you use this workaround, you should not see any issues with the functionality.