LIN compatibility ?

J Kelly 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 5


Does IQANdesign support devices which communicate using the LIN protocol?

The aim is to use this device for standard parameters such as voltage, current and charge.  

An example to illustrate this would be useful. 

Thank you

No, we do not support LIN.

The only way we have to communicate with other systems are via CAN.

I actually had a customer request today for CAN LIN Bus compatibility. Is this something we might offer in the future?

There is a CAN gateway and router, with WiFi and 4 x LIN in development at Electronic Controls Division. The translation would be to J1939, not IQAN protocol. Launch is a ways off yet - does it sound like it may do what you need?

Potentially yes Ken. I will advise my customer thanks

The original title of this post was "Local Area Network (LIN) Compatibility with IQANdesign", but I am assuming the question is about Local Interconnect Network, LIN

LIN hardware is different from the hardware for CAN bus, so in order to use devices that only have LIN in an IQAN system, some sort of gateway would be needed. As really low cost is the key feature for LIN, the need for an additional gateway might mean it would be more efficient to chose nodes designed with CAN instead. 

I'll edit the title of the topic to avoid confusion.