Out Of Memory MD3

Paulo Cupertino de Lima 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 2

Image 1525

These are the memory specifications of my system, when I try to send the project to my HMI, it goes into safe mode with the following message Out of memory, could anyone help me to solve this problem, 

thank you

Hellp Paulo.

Try starting the MD3 in safe mode before downloading.

You do that by holding the back arrow when starting the unit.

Did the bypass application do the trick? 

To give a bit more explanation of why we think you need to take this step. Looking at the statistics, it is most probably a combination of the size of the new application (total stored size, flash), and the RAM usage from running the application. 

By bypassing the application at startup as Thomas suggests, there is some more to receive the file before writing it to flash.

I am guessing that the reason the application stored size is relatively large could be due to large images. Checking this could be a way to decrease size.