MD4 flip - rotate display 180 to mount upside down

CMTechNZ 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 9 1 duplicate

Is it possible to mount the display upside down so the plugs are at the bottom of the unit? It is for a MD4 7" display.


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No, you can choose between horizontal and vertical, but there is no flip. 

Thanks. Where can I put this in as a feature request as it would be helpful in a lot of situations where we have to mount it high up on a dashboard. if we could rotate it we would save about 50mm of space.


Ah, I see your point. 

Edited topic to convert to Idea, let's see if others think this is a good idea as well. 

I believe this would be a very good option.  Even better if it could be controlled via parameter. 

1) Create rotating station like some of the new cash register we have in store now days.

2) Just got a request this morning... One of our display touch screen in one corner no longer work..  But this is the top left corner we use all the time.  Customer would like to be able to flip screen and mount unit upside down then dead corner would be in place where we have very little controls.  I know poor man solution to another problem... But valid point when boat is out of reach of any land for some time.


An interesting aspect of this feature is how it can be used for the MD4-5-M19, in some installations flipping the MD4-5-M19 can give better readability. (the MD4-7 and MD4-10 has such good viewing angles that it not noticable)

Is it possible  to make te flip functionality adjustable with a parameter? We have a serial product with both versions of the MD4 types with the same software. Also we have machines with variable mounting heights of the display so it would be nice to make flip adjustable. 

The flip parameter is fixed at design-time. With the solution we implemented in 6.03, there is no easy way to extend the feature to make it adjustable with settings.