Kvaser Air Bridge Light

Rainer Vermaasen 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ethan Zeman 5 years ago 2
Is the Kvaser CAN bus interface Air Bridge light  
( https://www.kvaser.com/product/kvaser-air-bridge-light-hs )
compatible with the IQAN Design Platform ?


I haven't used the Kvaser Air Bridge, but I know other wireless CAN bridges have been used successfully with IQAN in the past.

The part of the specification you need to think of is the packet latency. If you run e.g. an IQAN expansion module, you will be limited in how short you can set the expansion bus polling cycle time,  the timeout the master sets for the expansion module response depend on the polling cycle time. 

I was looking at the Kvaser Air Bridge the other day and am curious.  Did you ever get this to work?