PROJECT CHECK will not display Errors, Warnigs, or Hints

jstephenson 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 11

My software will not display any errors, warnings, or hints when I go to PROJECT CHECK or when I SEND project.  Help, please.

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Sometimes the window will show up behind the Iqandesign window.  If you minimize and restore from the taskbar it will show up.

    I apologize for being unclear.  The "Warning" page displays, but there is no corresponding text in the box.  It is just blank/white.  

Have the settings in Tools/Options/Project Check perhaps been modified?

     All parameters have been checked.

jstephenson, do you have a printscreen of how the project check dialog looks like when you try to run it?

I tried IQAN Design 6 and the text is now being populated, but not in 5.04.  Is it OK to start using 6?

To follow up on this post, it seems as if the issue was specific to one installation, and that the installation of version 6.00 solved it. 

Does the issue exists after installing 5.05 ? 


No it does not.  5.05 resolved the issue and I now have a populated Project Check window.  You are my hero.  Thanks.


Thanks, good to hear that it is working now!