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New Channel Type-Ethernet In/Ethernet Out

Nick Pridham 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by mgoutier 5 years ago 5
New channel type to transmit and receive MD4 controller information to and from remote IP addresses.
Hey, with MD3 I am build a iPhone application to control the product, the customer love that. But I need to use a wifi/canbus converter, it don't works very well. Because it is wifi hadhoc, and is not made for real time.

With wifi build in MD4, with a simple tcp text protocol, build an iOS apps or Android it will be very simple.

Hi Florent, that sounds very interesting.  What is the functionality requirement for this task?

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I use a NET-CAN 110 with a wifi router, it is a very simple CANbus server. With a tcp socket you can send and receive text message.For exemple : Sending a frame with id 0x111 and three data bytes 0x10, 0x20, 0x30. ==> send in tcp ascii mode : t1113102030[CR]
Documentation : page 37 : http://ftp.vscom.de/multiio/others/info/VSCAN_Manual.pdf

After you use CAN In/out in IQan Design.

I tried with wiicom.it and rmcan.com, it is the same use.

My biggest problem today, is to find a canbus gateway with a wifi acces point. Because all product support wlan client and adhoc only. And in mobility wlan client don't work because yhere are no acces point, and adhoc is a old rule, doesn't build for that. I have made lot of test, adhoc works only if you don't move and there no other wifi network (impossible to use during a consummer show).

Parker, if one day you add a wifi in MD4 (or other), please add an acces point wifi (like your internet box). It is better to use, very strong (5GHz, WPA2, MIMO, ...).



This topic was added quite a long time ago, have you made any progress on this topic? I am working on something similar right now.