How do I connect to the modem with IQAN Script and Connect Via Internet ?

Hüseyin Tursun 5 years ago in IQANscript updated by jxguo 5 years ago 5

I want to connect crane running with IQAN Script. 

I tried an automatic connection but it didn't

What can I do this about it?

In the Misc section of script you have the connect function.

There you can select the communication interface to be the IQANconnect server or Proemion.

And you need to know the Machine ID you are connecting to.

sorry, I use the IQAN model first time, and i dont't know how to connect the model with the laptop.we need buy the soft,cabble or other thinks?

Thank you for help.

I worked before, but it didn't. But soon after this message was published, I discovered the same section.

Thank you very much for your quick response. 

Hi Hans,

I am Jack Guo working for Parker China located in Tianjin.  My team supports the IQAN application in China.  Can you provide your phone number or email address?  I will have engineer contact you.  My phone number is 13752207918,  email:  jxguo@parker.com