IQAN Design 5 'start measure' via Ethernet not showing all channels

Frank GUO 4 weeks ago in IQANdesign • updated 2 weeks ago 6

We are using IQAN Design, connecting MC43 via Ethernet.

When we connecting via Ethernet, start measure function does not show all channel status. Most of channels stay in grey color, and not showing its status.

It happens when the number of channels are too many. When only few channels in that group, the status will show. So, it looks like the data are not communicated between IQAN Design and the master module (MC43). Or data were overflow when too many channels showing at the same time.

How many channels do you have in the function groups where you see the problem? 

A quick way to check is to just press Ctrl-A, the hint to the right will show the component count for the function group. 

For example, the function group with 114 components is having problems.

Thanks, that seems like a pretty normal number of components in a function group. 

What cycle time are you running on the MC43? 

What's your cycle utilization?

Cycle time 20ms

Cycle utilization 67.29%

Memory utilization 90.50%

The cycle utilization at this cycle time looks fine, that cannot be the issue. 

Although the memory utilization is quite high, it shouldn't be a problem for the communication. 

A really basic question, do you have the exact same project file version in the MC4x and IQANdesign? In a situation where you have some new channels in the project in IQANdesign that is missing in the master module, you will see those missing channel as gray (as long as there are enough channels that do match). 

That was using same program for sure.