Cannot remove multiple instances of "Library image group"

Jonas Bengtsson 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 5

I have 45 instances of empty "Library image group" under Images in my project. They cannot be deleted. I think they occurred after some type of import. Is there a way to fix my project?

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Did you get this after updating to 5.04? 

Sounds as if it could be related to the 5.04 change that enabled image from the library to be added in different sizes and colors directly from the drop-down menu. 

I tried other versions out but it can only be replicated in 5.04. But i have a feeling it happen before 5.04 but cant find proof.

If I open a 4.07 project in 5.04 it will still populate the Library Image Groups inside Images.

Thanks. The information that you could reproduced it by by taking a 4.07 file and opening in 5.04 helps with the  fault-finding.

It was only with version 5.04 that the Libary image group was made visible, so it is logical that you only see the multiple instances in 5.04. 


Found and fixed. 

In IQANdesign 3.11 library image groups was duplicated on export/import. This was fixed in 3.12.

With IQANdesign 6.00, it is possible to delete these extra library image groups . This fix will come in 5.05 as well.