action selector for MD4 button

AxelC 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 5
I am making the same interface in two version, one on MD3 and one on MD4.

In the md4, I can't have an action selector on buttons, it is possible on the MD3.
Is is something forgotten on the MD4?
This is intentional. It was decided to remove action selector for the button controls on the MD4, since it is possible to achieve the same functionality in other ways, e.g. by having multiple buttons and only showing one at a time. That way you can also have unique button texts or symbols for each state.
But that mean to superpose all button which is not really easy.
And it need a digital variable for each buttons instead of just a state machine.

Changing the text of the button was easy to do with a blank button with a text on the top plugged to the same state machine.
Really shame that you remove this.

Under review
I agree that the action selector is great when you have many different states, with more than 3-4 states the workaround starts to get ugly. I've added your request for reintroducing the action selector to MD4 button controls. And, let's hope this topic gets voted up/commented here on the forum.