Finite State Machines on the Application Logic Tab Bug

DJO 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 5 1 duplicate

There appears to be a Bug in the Finite State Machines.  When clicking through Finite State Machines that are identical but have different inputs for their transitions (for example: created by cutting and pasting and then updating the information in the transitions) the information in the transitions does not change even thought the "Chanel Name:" at the top of the page updates.  You must click out of the FSM to a different page and then back into the next one in order for the information to be updated correctly.  Please see pics below:

FIRST FSM (Data Is Correct):

Image 1579

SECOND FSM (Data Is Incorrect):

Image 1580

SAME FSM (After cilicking different page and then back into FSM Data Is Correct):

Image 1581

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Additional Bug found when I went back to editing the program: When editing Q-Code it allows you to paste an image into the q-code and not just text.  It does not appear to store the image though.

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Thanks. In the picture of the second FSM, none of the visible transitions are highlighted. It appears as if the selection is still on the previous FSM. 


The reason was that the selection was still on the previous FSM.

Fixed in 6.00, same fix will come in 5.05