Finite State Machines on the Application Logic Tab Bug

DJO 4 days ago in IQANdesign • updated 4 days ago 1

There appears to be a Bug in the Finite State Machines.  When clicking through Finite State Machines that are identical but have different inputs for their transitions (for example: created by cutting and pasting and then updating the information in the transitions) the information in the transitions does not change even thought the "Chanel Name:" at the top of the page updates.  You must click out of the FSM to a different page and then back into the next one in order for the information to be updated correctly.  Please see pics below:

FIRST FSM (Data Is Correct):

SECOND FSM (Data Is Incorrect):

SAME FSM (After cilicking different page and then back into FSM Data Is Correct):

Additional Bug found when I went back to editing the program: When editing Q-Code it allows you to paste an image into the q-code and not just text.  It does not appear to store the image though.