Possibility of excluding certain items from project compare?

Kevin 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago 4

We use the project compare function quite often when checking for changes in various different versions of software. Some parts that are listed are different are shown, but these are not something we need to worry about, for example position within the application (X Y).

I understand that perhaps some items may be useful for checking depending on the industry or what you are checking for. Could we have a series of tick boxes allowing us to limit the compare for certain changes only, perhaps parameters, IDCs, position, default values, started values etc rather than just a blanket check for everything? We find that although its useful sometimes, we get horrendous numbers when we have just moved some items around the screen and no logic change...

Under review

I think this would be a nice feature, changed the topic from "question" to "idea". 


Really would like to see this implemented.  Adding that a visual display of the difference would be better.

I too often find the compare tool useless  and frustrating at spotting problem. 

Since we develop on different machine we get more item highlighted because the date or user is different than actual code change and Good luck to understand the difference between two versions if you add or delete an Item.

Yes, for starters it would be nice to exclude all passwords from compare, as they always show as different if both files are not open.