Camera Feed on display. Connecting vs. Streaming

mdonaldson 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Neil Skoog 3 days ago 3

We are having issues troubleshooting some infrequent camera issues and we can't find anything in the documentation.

Curious as the difference when the camera screen states 'Connecting' vs 'Streaming'

Connecting seems to be when no camera is present (IP Address not found?) but we can't seem to figure out what would make the camera screen display 'Streaming' but then this screen just stays up. We do not have immediate access to said camera so I can't do a packet sniff to see what network traffic drives this.



You'll see Cam Streaming...  when the MD4 has had a working connection to the camera, and then lost it.  

For example if the power supply to the camera is cut. 

Up until version 5.03.8, the timeout was quite long and this text stayed up on the video control 

With version 5.04.13, it is more quickly changing over to re-connecting, and if the problem persists (e.g. power supply is still off), you will see the text change to Cam connecting...

How long does it take for the camera to reconnect? I am using IQAN 7 and an MD5-8 display. I waited as long as 30 minutes without making the connection. Currently the message is "Cam Connecting"  When I open the Camera option in the basic menu the IP address is shown but when selected it shows 02 followed by 018610021CME5B6F.

If I power off and install a different camera, it seems to work fine.

Is there a process to restore defaults to the camera itself?