Graph time scale

Conrad Elektro 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 8 years ago 6

Hello, We like the possibility to add graphs with IQANdesign. How can we set the time scale of the graph so that it starts again after 1 second instead of 50 seconds? We like to monitor a movement in 1 or 2 seconds. With the time scale of 50 seconds we can not see the result properly. Is it possible to change it or is there a workaround?

Satisfaction mark by Conrad Elektro 8 years ago

Hello. In IQANDesign 4 released 2 weeks ago you have the new "Line Graph" channel. There you can set the X-axis time "Time depth" , if you set that to 2 seconds with channel Type set to "sweep" you will see graph during 2 seconds, and then refreshes from left to right..

I did just that but only the scale changes to 2 seconds. The refreshing from left to right stil takes 50 seconds.

Does anybody know how to change this?


There seems to be a bug in the time depth of the line graph. It looks like the time depth is currently depending on the width (in pixels) of the graph control. This is of course not how it was meant to work. Will be fixed in 4.01. Sorry about the inconvenience.