saturated current out

Zach 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 9 years ago 2
I see that Saturated in the manual says 50-100% of the requested is supplied.
I don't see any guide how to fix that.
I have a positive that works and a negative that doesn't for a current out to grapple rotate cw and ccw respectively.
CCW is yellow, saturated is the label.
Got it the common was bjorked
never heard saturated used like that
The COUT gets the status saturated when it is not able to drive the the commanded current, but there is current measured.
Normally this would be caused by tuning the COUT max current way too high, or dimensioning the hydraulics for a current that cannot be driven through the coils when they heat up.

In this cases it sounded if there was a wiring fault, but I don't understand exactly how the fault looked.