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MD4 update failure when using G2 modem remotely

Kevin 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 7
We have recently updated a machine from 3.14 to 3.16 to fix the remote update issue with 'unstable connection' on MD4 when updating using G2 modem. Our system is 1 x MD4, 2 x MC3.

I updated the whole system to 3.16 using a CAN communication device successfully (updating both the firmware and then the application). I then proceeded to update the application again using IQAN design 3.16 remotely through the G2 modem and both MC3's update successfully but the MD4 always hangs and it then errors in IQAN Design saying no reply from master module.

Of the 4 attempts three attempts just displayed application deleted (didn't get to the stage of progress of updating the software) and the other time it got to 68% and hung until IQAN Design said no reply from master module.

Can you advise what my problem may be, if its a bug in the software anywhere still please?
Have there been any other customers with issues updating systems remotely when using an MD4?
There currently seems to be a problem with sending larger updates via the G2 modem. Online diagnostics is also affected. 
We are checking if there is a problem on the Proemion server side.
For those who have not been directly involved in the troubleshooting around this problem, here is an update of the findings we made:
When testing in Sweden and Germany, we were able to reproduce issues where the connection to the remote system via G2 modem gets disconnected. This was not limited to MD4, we could reproduce this on other master modules like MD3 also.
The tests we did when we saw the issues were with Swedish SIM cards from Telenor.
With the G2 modems configured for the Telenor APN telematics.apn.telenor.se there were intermittent issues.
With the G2 modems configured for the Telenor APN internet.telenor.se we could not reproduce any issues.

We were not able to reproduce any problems when using Swedish SIM cards from Telia, or German cards from T-mobile.

When I send a large file to MD4 located in Canada I lose the contact and have to try again. It happen also with MD3 display some time when I am in Canada and the unit are in New Jersey USA when I try to do a updating of the system.
The best result are when my connection to internet are outside any VPN connections.