ability to have separate light and action on button, same for the text

David Dufour 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 2

There is something planned to allow the button to be light separately from the action ? Something like industrial HMI.

I mean to be able to have an independent condition to make it lighted. It could be interesting to monitor status or block action and user will see that the button didn't comes on.

Also, in a future upgrade, there is a plan to add different text when on and off states?


Hello David.

This can be done with the current tools in IQANdesign.
If you use the 'Custom Button control' and have all the images for the button be a transparent image and then have a 'Image control' element with your different button images placed in the same place.
You will need to make the logic for how you want the button to work your self.

To do that you will need a state machine for your 'Image control', and the state machine can also be used to get different text on the button. Either by having it control a text parameter or by naming the different states to what you want to be on the button and show that.
Or you can simply just add the text when making the different images for the button.
The state machine could for example be set up to have three states, one for off, one for when you push the button and one for when it is on.This could of course be extended how far you want it.
I made a small example of how this could be done.
Button Example.ids3