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Machine state. Parameter state as enumerated values???

Jean-Marc Zanni 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 5

I function expression, we can compare the parameter state or state machine to an integer value. problem with this is that you re-arrange the states or add a state, you have update all the values where ever you created the logic
Would it be possible to use the different parameter states as an enumerated value so that the logic can be:
a) clearer
b) easier to maintain


I agree totally, and it is actually planned for implementation in 4.x. I've added your input to the feature request.
This would be helpful for us as well. Looking forward to the 4.x update!

I see this is marked as planned, but am not aware that this is implemented.  I find this feature cleaner when the application doesn't warrant using the SMC or FSM channels as function selectors for another channel.  I have had customer requests for this feature as well.  Here is what i suggest:

Where "State_1" is the name of one of the states defined in the FSM channel.

Under review

I agree that this would be a nicer way of writing the function compared to making the comparison with an integer number. This feature is the backlog, changing status to "under review" 


That was two years ago.  we are now at 6.02 and this as not made it to the top yet...