Mode Selector for Value Control

AxelC 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 9 years ago 2
It would be great to be able to use Mode Selector with a Value Control to be able to make changing text.

Depending of a StateMachine I have 5 text to print, the absence of this functionality make the screen much more complex (playing with 5 booleans and 5 text with visibility on the booleans).

I work on MD4 and MD3
you can use a textparameter which is connected to your state selector. Then add the texts you want in the textparameter.
On your screens then you don't use "Label", you use "Value" instead and connect this to your text parameter.
Here is a quick example:
States on text.ids3

Sorry I was not precise enought

My value need to be formatting in a Text Formatting Chanel (TFC)
So I can't just use a Text Parameter.
The TFC don't have Mode Selector, Having Mode Selector on TFC like is is on TP would be an other solution.