V4.07 creative issues

Marc Gregoire 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 2

I've had to upgrade the software on my notebook from V2.63 to V4.07 as the MD3 we've received from our vendor has V4.07.  When I open the V2.63 in the V4.07 application, I am getting several errors, "Value Type Mismatch" and "Invalid Property Value".

Is this a common issue with a V2.63 application that had no errors when open it up in V4.07, or am I missing a step?

Thanks, your responses are much appreciated.

You dont have to upgrade your application to download to the newer MD3s.  If you are using IQAN run to download, you can upgrade your version of IQAN run to 4.07 or later and you should be able to send the 2.63 version of the application to the MD3.

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.  I did resolve my issues, looks like in V4.07 one of the data types for the FGIs is no longer supported.  Admittedly I most likely had selected the incorrect data type in V2.63 but the application functioned because of the min/max limits that I had configured.