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Sub-Groups in Adjust Groups

Barth Hollanddrain 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 9

Is it any way possible, or be made possible to create subgroups in the adjust-groups?
The applications we create use a lot of costumer-dependent values.

We use the MD4/5 screens on our machines, also to adjust values/parameters in the program.
Calibrating our systems takes a lot of time now, simply because of scrolling and searching for the right parameter.

Having sub-groups would speed things up.
Also having those subgroups optionaly password-protected would be a good addition.

Not possible in current version, but it is a good idea. We'll add it to our feature request list.

Any chance of this still happening?


I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this is currently not planned for any release in the near future. The feature request is still active though, and may be planned for a release later on.

I know this is an old thread but this is something that would be very useful!


Complex Application files now end up with a large list of adjust groups. This would be an excellent feature to help organise both measure and adjust groups.

With the possibilities offered by the IQAN system, the lack of the possibility of structuring the measure / adjust groups is a problem because the large number of measured values ​​and parameters lose clarity.


I would also like to have the possibility to create sub-groups within an adjust group. For example:

Let's say the customer have replaced some sensor and we need to connect to the machine via IQANrun to adjust the sensor. Since the machine has many sensors with several adjust items for each sensor the list becomes quite long and difficult to orientate.

A solution for this is, ofcourse, to name the adjust items well and "group" them by order of appearance. But it would be even better with sub-groups in my opinion.

Instead of this:

Menu depth = 0Menu depth = 1
SensorsSensor 1, Adjust item 1
Sensor 1, Adjust item 2
Sensor 1, Adjust item 3
Sensor 2, Adjust item 1
Sensor 2, Adjust item 2
Sensor 2, Adjust item 3
and so on...

We could have this:

Menu depth = 0Menu depth = 1Menu depth = 2
SensorsSensor 1Adjust item 1
Adjust item 2
Adjust item 3
Sensor 2Adjust item 1
Adjust item 2
Adjust item 3

and so on...

To be able to create sub-groups would indeed be sweet since you can keep things nice and tidy :)

Any plans for this in upcoming releases?

Have a good one!


From my point of view, this extension is the most urgently needed feature.

It is not possible to create clear Measure / Adjust Groups for large applications with the current solution, especially when using the IQAN Go App.

Under review

I think it is a nice idea, it is on our list of future ideas but it is not schedule for any release.