SAE J1939 TSC1

Zach Dockter 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 8

Is there a way to set the J1939 Source Address field in the TSC1 command to an Integer Parameter? That was we can install the same crane software on different truck chassis with different engines.
Cummins/PACCAR like to use SA 7 for TSC1 control. Detroit Diesel likes to use SA 231. It would be nice to allow the J1939 SA field to look at an integer parameter and adjust the code accordingly.


Thanks team.

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This is currently planned as a new feature in IQANdesign 4.x. Will not make it for 4.00 as it looks right now though, but hopefully we can get it implemented soon after that.

I've added your input to the existing feature request.
Hi Zach

If i understand you correctly, there is a workaround, you simply don´t use the predefined TSC1 channel, TSC1 is an ordinary PG, with PGN 0, and it can be configured to act as the predefined channel.

Search the SAE1939-71 document for PGN-0

attaching a picture to explain better...!


I get an error when I try to assign two TSC1 commands to the same engine....
I really need the SA to be addressed to a variable.

Hi Zach,

You will need to have one J1939 module for each TSC1 channel. This is also currently the best way to avoid sending out both of your TSC1 messages, by enabling/disabling the J1939 module.

I agree that a property for the source address also on the built-in TSC1 channel would be a neater solution.

Is there any update on this. I would also like to beable to change the TSC1 SA with a intiger paraemter.

Currently planned for IQANdesign 4.04, later this fall.


Integer parameter allowed to control source address for JFOUT and TSC1 in IQANdesign 4.04.