COUT configuration

PRADEEP KRISHNA 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 5 years ago 1

I want to control COUT from 0-1500mA in MC41 with single directional in three states. 

How can I set parameters of COUT ?


The MC4x can not have a min current below 100 mA on a COUT.

It can of course be turned off (0 mA) if you have 0 on the input channel.

But as soon as you start to have something on the input it will immediately jump up to your min current.

You will normally have a threshold current that you need to overcome before you get any movement in a system.

This is both for the coil and the mechanical parts.

The minimum current is used to calibrate the system so that you can have the movement start as soon as you activate the COUT.

It will then work linearly until you have 100 on you input channel, or -100 for bidirectional, where it will give your maximum current.

So if you have the max current set to 1500 and min current is set to 100.

at 0% it will give 0mA, at 0,1% it will give a little more than 100 mA and at 100% it will give you 1500mA.

So if you want to have three different stages on the COUT you will have to add those in the logic on the input channel (or before) to the COUT.