Read j1939 dbc

Fredrik Lorenc 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 4


the manual (for IQAN Design 5.03) states on page 38: "IQANdesign will create J1939 or generic frames and parameters, depending on the data in the .dbc file". How must the DBC-file be formed for IQAN Design to interpret it as J1939 signals? So far, I have only been able to import signals as generic signals.


I've managed to get it to create a J1939 frame by using the Kvaser Database Editor for the .dbc file to add the attribute "ProtocolType" with a string value of "J1939".

I agree though that we need documentation for what the .dbc file needs to look like and what attributes and configurations are available for use in IQAN.

Hi Vincent, thank for replying!

Would it be possible for you to copy a minimal J1939 dbc-file (one message, one signal) as Kvaser Database Editor creates them into this thread?

Hi again, I installed the Kvaser DB editor and managed to find the magic, appending this to the end of the DBC-file did the trick, I replicated the last line for every J1939 message defined:

BA_DEF_ BU_ "NmStationAddress" INT 0 255;
BA_DEF_ "BusType" STRING ;
BA_DEF_ "ProtocolType" STRING ;
BA_DEF_ BO_ "VFrameFormat" ENUM "StandardCAN","ExtendedCAN","reserved","J1939PG";
BA_DEF_DEF_ "NmStationAddress" 254;
BA_DEF_DEF_ "BusType" "CAN";
BA_DEF_DEF_ "ProtocolType" "J1939";
BA_DEF_DEF_ "VFrameFormat" "J1939PG";
BA_ "VFrameFormat" BO_ 2147483652 3;