Getting clone out of multi master display application

Ed Schippers 3 weeks ago in IQANrun 0

The multi master system i build has 3 MD4 displays.

0ne of the displays , not the head master, had some problems with the screen so needed replacement.

So I took a clone file of the system, using ethernet on the head master. the upload, specially from the other  displays, this took forever. around 2 hours. 

After getting the clone file, I send the file to the new display , disconnected the rest to safe time

This worked only partly, functionality was ok, but a lot of pictures of lamps and buttons were missing.

I send the clone to the complete system. again it took forever and with no better result.

Then downloaded the setting,  opened the clone file in design en uploaded from there, this again took ages.

This worked ok, after sending the settings all was running perfect.

What could have been the problem with the pictures?

And is there any way to speed up the process?