Closed loop velocity control

Jerry Rowe 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ryan Bland 747 7 months ago 3

I am working on a couple of projects where we want to use a PID loop for motor RPM control with encoders for feedback.

I set up the program with the encoders for feedback but when I run the simulation, the valve drive goes to zero when the encoder count matches the commanded speed. Based on this it appears the PID is set up for positioning. Can it be used for closed loop RPM control? 



Attached is an example of it where it seems to work. I'm guessing you just need to fine tune the regulators of the PID channel.

Hi Chris 

I have taken a look at your example from 4 Years ago - Thank you ! How do you integrate this with a positive and negative direction ProLoader Logger Production Basic with HP ....idax I have attached my example - I would really appreciate some help Thx 


Yes it can. Since the feedback and command are the same, the value from P will be 0 and any value from the Integral will drive to 0 as well so its working as intended