Can Not open two application the same time

Andy Pauly 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4


I have to work with IQANdesign5.04 and IQANdesign6. Both software are installed on my computer. Before I could open two application the same time by open IQANdesign and open a second application by just double clicking on windows explorer. 

Function groups, channels etc. could be easly moved by cut and past from one application to the other. 

Now I cannot open two IQANdesign5.04 applications. Always the second IQAN design opens in IQANdesign6.0. Even I set up in windows "open with to IQANdesign5.04" to open the software with the old version. I can only open IQANdesign6.0 over the explorer now. How can I open two IQANdesign 5.04?


Andy Pauly 

To launch another instance of a specific IQANdesign version, the easiest is to type IQANdesign in the windows start menu and select the one you want. 

For some discussion on working with 5 and 6 in parallel, also see this post: 



I am working with IQANsimulate. I wanted to use your Marco-Excel "IQANsimulate control" because my automated test is very complex. You marko works only with IQANsimulate6.00 in your software "IQANsimulate control". How can I change the marco to use IQANsimulate 5.04.?