External Control, slider not selected

Pierre Fagrell 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 2

I am using external control with a Grayhill Encoder to select between 9 different tabs that each has a slider on them.

How can I make it so the cursor focus moves to the slider and the slider is selected when I click a tab?

Please see attached video:

Youtube video

What happens now:

1. Turn wheel to desired tab

2. Click button and the correct slider is shown

3. Turn wheel four times to hilight slider

4. Click button to select slider

5. Change slider parameter

6. Click button to save value and unselect slider

7. Turn wheel four times back to tab selection

I would like to automate step 3,4,7

It is tricky. Attached is an application that I think should quite similar to the way you built the application shown in the video. 

encoder control MD4.idsx

The only improvement I could come up with was to use a state machine to hide the other menu buttons using the Visible property when you have one selected, this reduces the number of turns on the encoder that are needed to shift focus to one. (some graphics would be needed to make it look ok)

It might be possible for you to insert math channels that automatically offset the value of the channel set to control encoder and enter button. But the timing between the application and the graphics would be hard to get right. 

Thankyou for the suggestions Gustav.

I don't think hiding the other buttons is optimal in this kind of menu. I will try to do the math channel offset, it will be very user friendly if it works.