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State Picker Text Does Not Update

Chris Litwin 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 3

I have a project where I am using State Pickers to select joystick button functions. The functions that show up in the state picker menu are defined using SMC channels. The SMC channels are defined using adjustable parameters. The problem I am seeing is that if I am on the display page where the state pickers are and I change the adjustable parameters the state picker menus do not update to reflect the new functions from the SMC channels that changed.


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To reduce the number of items that needs to update continuously on the display page, the state picker doesn't read the texts from the application continuously. It only reads the names when entering the page. 

Changing this would give some negative on the performance of display pages where state pickers are used, but maybe it is worth it? 

In this instance it's not worth it to slow down the interface. The adjust parameters are defined only at initial machine setup. It seems like they will update if I change pages and go back. Is that how it works? Is there a way I could trigger an update manually when necessary, that way the performance wouldn't suffer?

Not a bug

Thanks. Yes, the text for the state picker are set when entering the display page, so changing between display pages will refresh. 

There is no method for manually triggering a refresh while you are still on the page. 

I'll close this one as "not a bug", but thanks for sharing your question on the forum.